Films (Mostly Documentary) –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Smoke Breaks In America
A portrait-based doc series (15 short-episode) about some of the people who support or resort to living in Trump’s America. Click into the site to hear what some people in the American South really think deep about over a smoke break.



Berta Didn’t Die, She Multiplies • Cinematographer • Mutual Aid Media
(10 Minutes)

A look into the wake of Berta Caceres, the Honduran environmentalist and Goldman Prize recipient who was assassinated by a couped Honduran government to protect the water. These are the voices of the people who now risk their own lives in her solidarity, and to cease further environmental genocide in Honduras.

The Rhythm Of Life • Image & Edit • Tamil Nadu, India,

An PSA to help reinforce local and sustainable fashion, threading us through the quickly dying art of handlooming in India.

Six Degrees Of Separation • Image & Edit

When you think Mexico, what do you think about?
Wake up with Six Families around the country and rethink what it means to be wealthy.

‘Free Elk Bone’ • A Convicted Marriage • Image & Edit

In late 1993, Riverside County Police arrested, charged and convicted Orlando “Elkbone” Watley for crimes he did not commit. Arrested at 19 and incarcerated for 24 years, this is the day an activist marries him after fighting for his case for almost 3 years.

The Rebirth of Hand Looming • Image & Edit Erode, India

‘Olvin’ • Image & Edit • Brut Media • Mexico
(2 mins)

One of the many Immigrants and Refugees whom loose their limbs in search of the American Dream

‘She Walks’ • Cinematographer • Chasse a Courts • Paris

(17 Mins)

The Essence of Cow Protection // What is a Goshala?
(10 mins)

Oma & Opa : A Portrait • Getting old in San Diego • Music by the Caretaker
(5 Mins)

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